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Queen Size Mattress

Rs. 22,999.00
Queen Size Mattress

Queen Size Mattress

Rs. 22,999.00

You need not be a queen to own a queen size mattress, it's just the size! Grabbing all the amenities when it comes to the size, we have put it to all the types of mattresses we produce at House of Bed. Let that be the Bouncy (latex foam) mattress, Cuddly (memory foam) mattress, or the Royal (combo of bouncy and cuddly) mattress, indulging them all into a humongous size has never been a challenge for us. Because 'what's big is the best, better than the rest'! Not only in the kingdom of chess, but a queen is always a dominant ruler!

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Our Mattress uses the top quality raw materials in order to get the best quality. Still Our Mattress price is below all the other high end options available in the market.
Our mattresses are expertly designed to create a luxury feel. They are a combination of springy latex foam, supportive memory foam and durable PU foam, which offers just the right amount of sink & bounce so you’ll never feel stuck and have a sound sleep.
With the right combination of different foams, precise dimensions and carefully calibrated densities, Our one mattress is a right fit for anyone and everyone, no matter their age, weight or posture. “Just choose a size from the comfort of your home, checkout, and wait for the box to hit your doorstep

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