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Tell Me More About the HouseOfBed Mattress.

House of Bed offers you the finest quality mattresses crafted from handpicked foams that are imported all the way from Europe. After years of research all across the globe, we bring to you mattresses that fit according to the make of your body and gives you an easing sleep experience. Our premium range of mattresses include bouncy mattress, cuddle mattress and royal mattress. With differing features and specifications, each one of our mattresses is designed to give you an everlasting sleep experience.

What is House Of Bed Mattress made of?

We basically use memory foam and latex foam in the manufacturing of mattresses.

Memory foam consists of polyurethane which makes it rich in density and viscosity. It has a property of softening upon coming in contact with a body. It molds to the shape of the body so that you do not have to adjust your position while sleeping.

Latex foam is made out of natural latex. Natural latex is made out of rubber tree sap which has cooling properties. This foam also provides the right bounce to the body. That is why we always use latex foam while manufacturing our bouncy mattresses.

What are the different Mattress Sizes offered by you?

1) Twin S: 36" x 72" x 6" (3ft x 6ft)

2) Twin M: 36" x 75" x 6" (3ft x 6.25ft)

3) Twin L: 36" x 78" x 6" (3ft x 6.50ft)

4) Queen S: 60” x 72” x 6" (5ft x 6ft)

5) Queen M: 60” x 75” x 6" (5ft x 6.25ft)

6) Queen L: 60" x 78" x 6" (5ft x 6.50ft)

7) King S: 72” x 72” x 6" (6ft x 6ft)

8) King M: 72” x 75” x 6" (6ft x 6.25ft)

9) King L: 72" x 78" x 6" (6ft x 6.50ft)


The HouseOfBed Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. We will resolve the issue by repairing if possible or based on the severity, we will exchange the mattress.

Client Responsibility for Limited Mattress Warranty.

In case you witness any defect in our mattresses, you can return the mattress to the house of bed and provide the required proof of purchase. Added to that, an evidence of the defect and your claims can be intimated to the House of bed to the mentioned address before the warranty ends.

What are the conditions for 100 nights trial policy?

House of Bed offer 100 Nights Trial period on all its range of mattresses. If you are not satisfied with out mattress, you can return back the mattress within 100 days against full refund. House of Bed will initiate the return pickup from your place of delivery. The entire cost of shipping shall be borne by House of Bed. The policy is no questioned asked return policy. It should be noted that the mattress should not be torned from any place for the policy to be applicable. It should also be noted that the 100 nights free trial policy is not applicable for customized made mattresses.