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When it comes to shopping associated with household and bedding, we all have focussed way more than needed on fancy bedspreads, cushions, and pillows. Mattresses have always been at the bottom of our shopping list. They have been that underrated bedding needs we pick at random from the store without actually knowing what is inside. We at House of Bed beg to differ. Mattresses form the base on which we rest our body at the end of a tiring day. Mattresses are the one on which, our entire body structure is laid. And any dysfunction in it might lead to serious ordeals like slip disc, joint pains and what not. This is why choosing your mattress wisely is indispensable. It is considered since ages that a good quality mattress has to be soft in texture. Softness has been a parameter for deciding if a mattress should be brought home or not.

Luxury Bed

However, the essential part lies inside the mattress. And that is the foam used to manufacture that particular mattress. With what we grasped out of our years of research is the foam used to make a mattress defines the quality of the overall mattress.

We offer premium mattresses that promise you a quality sleep experience. Our wide range of mattresses offers you varieties like a Bouncy Mattress, Cuddle Mattress, and Royal Mattress at the best price. Choose one for yourself according to your preferences and indulge in a soothing experience. House of Bed – Sleep Simple, Wake Fresh


Glamourize your bedroom and charm your guests with mattresses designed to create a luxurious appeal. Mattresses expertly designed with layers of different foams to provide precise firmness, excellent support and keep you cool through the night! Choose from the best of the options to enhance your comfort to enjoy the snug and cozy feeling that our mattresses are known to provide. Our mattresses add not only sophistication to the ambiance, but also contentment and relaxation for you and your loved ones. From elders to kids, we are sure that our mattresses will find a fan in everyone who experiences the repose and the promise of quality that we have to offer.


We put our heart and soul into creating state-of- the-art mattresses for you and your dear ones to enjoy. All of the raw material that goes into the production is well researched and sourced from the best places, so that the quality always remains uncompromised.

At House of Bed, we take our commitment to quality and class seriously and make sincere efforts to convey our message to our clients as well. Try one of our products today to experience the pledge to excellency for yourself and sense the magic that world-class precision, in-depth research, and superior raw materials bring to your perception, when perfectly amalgamated together in our mattresses.


We trust the quality of our mattress and sincerely believe that they will make you smile on the first night of the purchase keeping you close to them for next 10 years at least! But, we also understand that you may not want to take any chances! Moreover, if you purchase a mattress from a retail store, do you believe you’ll get a fair idea of its quality by sleeping on it for mere 15 minutes? That’s a big NO-NO!

So, for your convenience we offer you 100 Nights Free Trial on all our mattresses.

Sleep on it, take a nap or maybe even play on it! ;) Test the mattresses for 100 Nights and at the end, if you’re not satisfied, you can always return it for a full refund.


As the saying goes, “great things come in small packages” and we believe in staying true to this adage. So, instead of delivering our products in huge cartons complementary with the hassles and storage issues, we choose to send them compressed in small boxes, that are easy to handle and uncomplicated to work with.

Because of the versatility of compressed mattresses, difficulties related to storage and after-care are reduced greatly. We, at House of Bed, like our customers to have a wholesome and satisfying experience when it comes to the entire process; from purchase to delivery right at your doorstep, and hence this is one of our thoughtful ways to ensure that the activity is smooth, trouble-free and elementary for each one of them.