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Confused between Mattress Brands flooding the Market?

Are you one of those who are confused between the terminology and types of MATTRESS BRANDS available in the market…?

Well, we are here to HELP you.

Mattress Purchase is NOT Complex. It has been MADE Complex by Mattress Companies.


1) We talk your language. (No hard-hitting terms, Just select what you understand)

Looking for a Mattress THAT

  • Moulds with the Body Shape

  • Relieves your Back Pain

  • Support Back/Spine alignment

  • Distributes Body Weight, Pressure Points Relief

Try our Cuddly Mattress (Memory Foam Mattress)


    Looking for a Mattress THAT IS

    • Responsive & Bouncy for extra comfort

    • Durable, Natural and Healthy

    • Air Circulation for Keeping Body Cool

    Try our Bouncy Mattress (Latex Foam Mattress)

      Looking to have the Best of Both Worlds…..Memory & Latex?

      • Provides Pressure relieving Memory under Springy, breathable comfort layer of Latex.

      Try our Royal Mattress (Memory & Latex Foam)

       2) House Of Bed Gets You Memory, Latex Foams at LOWEST Price…How?

      House Of Bed is a Manufacturer. We Sell ONLY Online. We Provide NO Middlemen Price to you. It means there are NO DISTRIBUTORS or RETAILERS to make your mattress expensive.



      3) Do NOT trust a New Brand or Online Shopping for a Mattress?

      Don’t Worry. We are very much confident of our Quality. So we have an option for you….

      Take 100 NIGHTS TRIAL…Do not like it? Just call us and return.

      We PROMISE full refund of your hard earned money. NO CONDITIONS HERE.

      You are not LOSING anything in trying us out, Right?


      4) Not Trusting New Brand……? Ok, we have a solution for you.

      How about we provide you 10 YEARS WARRANTY…..

      Yes. Invest for a long term in your sleep. Any problems, Call us 24*7. We are here to INSURE YOUR SLEEP. 

      5) Still Unsure?

      Consult Our Mattress Expert. Ask anything and we assure you that we will have an answer to all your mattress needs.

      Call at +91 7435 808080. We are here to give you an unparalleled quality of Customer Service. 


      Watch Wine Glass Mattress Test| No Partner Disturbance

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