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Choose the Right Mattress for your Sleeping Position

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Wish you a long and happy mattress matrimony!!!

SRK seems to be right about the "chair-theory" in the movie, Dear Zindagi whereby he suggests trying out various chairs before settling for the right one on which you feel comfortable sitting. He considers the theory binding in making a choice of partners in real life as well. 

Regardless of what your preferred sleeping position, comfort scheme or mattress desires, House of Bed has something for all of you to fit in just right so allow us to match you with the best mattresses available in India, in accordance with your unique position.

While there is a universe of mattresses available online, it is difficult to assess which one is the right one for you. Attributing to the previous blogs, we now know more about the mattress firmness, structure, and fillings but choosing the right mattress according to the sleeping position allow you a healthier sleep thereby making you more productive.

Fast forwarding any further recap for sleep's sake, let's get started with the ones who side sleep. First up, welcome to the majority! Your pressure points are confined mainly to your arms and neck. So the best bet to avoid any injury on them would be the blessing of the two.

You on a combination mattress will conjure the perfect sleep for you with the comfort of the two. The firmness of a medium-soft level is the best kind of mattress because your side sleeping demands a good contour but also calls for an external spinal support.

We match you to our Royal Mattresses which are the best bet if you are a side sleeper. Happy napping!

Back sleepers, we don't need to ask you how your spine is doing because when we talk of spinal assignment, take it or leave it, your position is the champion. To add, your face is not buried in the pillow so you are only sleeping to agelessness since you ain't getting wrinkles any soon.

Optimal spinal alignment is essential for all you back-sleeping folks, therefore, a springy mattress rather than a cuddly mattress will be the best guy for you as it will evenly distribute your total body weight, disabling sinking your midsection and preventing you and your partner from rolling to the mid of the mattress, Yeah that sucks!

Having said that, we match you to our Bouncy mattresses which are the best mattresses in India to really give you the required contour and comfort.

Finally hello stomach sleepers, if we slightly took our liberties suggesting you a mattress, we would have you suspended in the air, and why not so? You guys sleep in the most cautioned position, overarching your spine and straining your neck so much so we really feel we would have you in the air. But since our mattress is intended for humans and you just can't stop being one (quite yourself) adopting this weird position over and over, let's get you lying with the back sleepers on the same mattress we suggested them-

A pocket spring mattress brings you resistance and comfort at the same time while distributing your weight so you don't choke your organs further for god's sake, owing to the way you sleep. Thankfully, we have your support in the name of bouncy mattresses which are the best of its kind and are curated to help you lessen the consequences of your self-inflicting position, No kidding! However, we do not offer wrinkle-lift products complimentary with our mattresses so good luck with an extra expense, front-sleepers!

Having addressed the three positions which can roughly accommodate almost all kinds of sane humans, expecting mommies we are definitely not leaving you out. We suggest you go for a medium soft mattress or the pocket spring one because we know how much your spine needs an alignment after all day of carrying the little one along who in turn is sleeping in god knows what position.

Old folks with spinal issues too are advised the same.

All said and done, we now expect that we have appropriated all of you to your respective fits. However, we totally encourage SRK's "chair-theory", so if you still have doubts, we have you covered with our 100-nights trial and return warranty. No waiting, go and get yours NOW.

Oh, and again...

Wish you all a long and happy mattress matrimony!!!


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