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A Universe of Mattresses - Experience with House of Bed

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When the warmth for the night comes from the mattress below you, you know it is something that deserves your attention. It is a fundamental requirement that forms the edifice of your health and mental wellness. Much has been told about what a good sleep on a good mattress brings to your well-being.

Our focus, therefore, shifts upon letting you know to explore the mattresses which are accessible and which one of them shall let that extra hour of slumbering happen for you.


Pillow-top mattress

These are grandeur at the sight of them. Clad with upholstery layer sewn on the top of it, made of a variety of fiber and foam materials, giving the mattresses a look of a cushion placed over them.

Specialty foam mattresses

These use one or more kinds of materials, comes in varying shapes and densities, depending on the preference and comfort. The fillers could be made of polyurethane, memory (viscoelastic) or latex, and can contain gel or other materials as well.

Gel mattress

With heat dissipation features, Gel mattress use form that is made to contain gel in the support system of the product. It may come with upholstery work or both and promises comfort and good feel.


Here the support system is nothing but a chamber filled with air. A residential airbed is wrapped in padding or layers of upholstery, which include various fiber and foams. The best part of these beds is that they are adjustable and can be separately adjusted on both the sides. This means it can be adjusted to suit various sleeping preferences and body needs, looking much like a conventional bed but with a little hi-tech.


Like airbeds that have air-filled chambers, waterbeds have chambers inside a rectangular wooden frame that are filled with water. These are one of the two types of waterbeds: hard-sided and soft-sided beds. A soft-sided waterbed, on the other hand, is a rigid frame of foam that replaces the wooden frame. The water chamber can be made ‘‘free-flow’’ (the type in which nothing obstructs the flow of water inside) or can be made ‘’wave-less’’ (the type in which fiber or some other material limit the motion of water).

Innerspring mattresses

The support system in this particular type uses a steel coil. Spring systems can be connected to a unit or units that are wrapped in coils individually. The shape of the springs and the number of coils can vary in mattresses. They are again wrapped in upholstery, may include various foams or fiber and sometimes even an additional sheet of smaller springs.


Finally, there are three major types of mattresses and mattress foams that we have carefully selected, researched, and manufactured for you to prevent you from getting lost in the universe of mattresses. 

Cuddly Mattress

These mattresses by the name of it suggest that these are made for the ones who don't mind a virtual hug back in one of those chilly winter nights. The warmth of the 'memory foam' with which these mattresses are filled ensure you feel wrapped and safe and with which one can safely say, these are mattresses are all about 'feels'. The comfy design and the featherlike touch to it make it the kind of friendly ghost hug you are not afraid to make the first move towards.

Bouncy Mattress

The elasticity that you first feel upon sitting on one of these is nothing less than natural. The latex filled inside is a natural ingredient curated by the sap of the rubber tree so you might want to boast you are actually cradled in nature's arms upon getting one of these homes. To add, you will be treated with the bounce of a spring mattress just without the springs and the sound of it.

Thanks to the self-cooling tendency of these mattresses as their specification which makes it stand out in the universe of mattresses. Unlike memory foam mattresses, the latex inside it keeps a good ventilation going beneath you. These bouncy latex mattresses extend some elasticity along with a good support. It is made to give a firm base regardless of what your posture. Owing to the manifold goodness about it, we are not left much to marvel the reason for its prevalence in the majority of households.

Royal or Hybrid Mattresses

With the wide range of innovations and yet wider range of options that are now available to the buyers in any field, the upcoming trend to avoid the 'dilemma of the two' is a wise fusion.While we talk of fusion, what could look and feel better in the field of mattresses than the Royal luxury mattresses that have fused polyurethane, memory and latex. This implies that your mattress will be cuddly, soft, promising tender hugs every time, while also being the right amount of firm, keeping your spine well-aligned. The goodness of the two that knits together to give birth to perfection and make way for a luxury feel is what comes in a box. The online availability also ensures cost effectiveness while also being less of a trouble at the time of delivery.

House of Bed has brought this fantastic constellation to mix and match your style and comfort. This indeed is a house that opens up a universe of dreams for you.


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