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This New Year, make a resolution to care for your mattress

With that great kick-start to your New Year, making resolutions in every area of your life, did you skip to include making positive changes in your sleep? More specific, on the bed, and on the mattress, you sleep? Mattress purchases constitute an essential investment of a household’s expense, and therefore, its maintenance becomes necessary. However, post-purchase, we neglect the maintenance of it. Keeping in mind, how indispensable the mattress is to our restful and peaceful sleep, let us, this new year, make resolutions surrounding our mattresses, ensuring its longevity, for our best sleeping experiences.

Here are tips to help you keep maintain your mattress in top condition :

Vacuum your mattress: On your monthly home cleaning agenda with the vacuum cleaner, this New Year, don’t just limit it to the furniture. Consider vacuuming your mattresses too. Consider using a high powered vacuum cleaner with a solid HEPA filter system. Before cleaning, ensure that all the bedding is removed from the mattress and hat each and every side and surface is meticulously cleaned.

Place it under the Sun: Every month or two, make it a point to place the mattress under the sun. This helps to disinfect your mattress from allergens like dust mites, dust, pollen, dander. This will also help dry the foam and take away the moisture which causes allergens.

Clean the stains: Remove the stains as quickly as possible. In case of blood spots, urination over it, spilled drinks or any stain caused, quickly remove it off by spraying hydrogen peroxide to the stained area, then letting it dry for about 5-10 minutes, then sprinkling baking soda over it, letting it dry for several hours before brushing it off. This will certainly help reduce the stain or even let it disappear fully. However, if the stain still persists, consider using dry suds.

Clean it with hot water: Consider cleaning your mattresses with hot water, of 130 degrees Fahrenheit, for about 2--30 minutes and then wash it off with normal tap water and let it get dry, This will help kill dust mites.

Keep your pets and teddy bears off the mattress: Making furry pets, like dogs, cats, rabbits and stuffed furry toys, sleeping on your bed, invite dust and dirt with them. Consider keeping stuffed toys on a shelf or provide any other space than your the beds, and, a different sleeping space for pets.

Avoid jumping on your mattress : When so happy, you could jump on your mattress quite frequently, also, in general cases, your kids would love to jump on it, however, advise them not to, for jumping deteriorates its condition in the long run, ruining its box spring, internal composition, and the frame.

With these ways and tips, help give your mattress a long life it deserves, give it love and care for it just the way it does for you, to help you give a good slumber.


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