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The science of a good sleep: What it is? v/s What ought to be?

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No matter how awesome you feel getting in that sexy four-wheeler you own, if it is empty from its fuel tank, it is as good as a junk. However ruthless that sounds, it is true that a car functions only when you get it's required energy for it to be able to pull off a nice drive away. Quite similarly is the equation of sleep and human body when it comes to real life. You simply cannot afford to be drained out when you have a big day ahead to unfold. How can you then be up and on your feet? Well, the key to your physical and mental wellness is a GOOD SLEEP. 

Efficacies of a sound sleep

A decent sleep helps you channel just enough energy to get you through a great day or for that matter sometimes even enable you to turn a rough day in your favor. No one shall deny that our mental health determines a lot of interactions in our daily lives and those bits of interactions can change things drastically for you. So, while your physical wellness decides if you're going to be able to pick your children from their school and lessen that extra task for your wife; your mental wellness decides your temperament while dealing with your clients or customers and your mood throughout a day.

Sleep has always been an integral factor in our lives that we take our liberties practicing. 'Sleep deprivation' can incur serious impacts giving to the fact that your social life is inextricably linked with your health (for aforementioned reasons). Insomnia is the most talked about sleep disorder with short-term symptoms noticed in about 30% of adults and chronic insomnia in about 10% of the same.  In addition to it, sleep deprivation contributes significantly in around 100,000 deaths that occur every year in hospitals of US.

There is another facet to the whole sleep scenario. Borrowing from the same four-wheeler concept to understand the science of sleep better, you must have noticed there are "types" of fuels available at the gas station, like “Xtra Premium” that promises less of engine stressing out and more of mileage. Similarly, what we intend to emphasize here is the 'type' of sleep you get for your family. Therefore, everywhere on our blogs, we lay stress on GOOD sleep rather than just SLEEP as an imperative. The type of sleep to a lot extent comes from the sleeping conditions you've put yourself to. Sleeping conditions, in turn, must be efficiently determined by your choices plus your bodily needs, that is to say, that the preference for mattresses deserves paramount importance. Sometimes too expensive a mattress may not look like helping, some soft ones will sink you to the bottom, and some hard ones will ruin your sleep with its stiffness. Different mattresses work for different people and scientifically different people seem to rest differently on a particular kind of mattress.

All these have to be taken into cognizance and we emphasize on it constantly because we know how we belittle the sleeping instruments and lose health bit by bit in the bargain. If you devise a good sleep for yourself, your body heals faster and your immunity is a notch higher than the ones who tend to ignore its vitality. Mentally and psychologically you remember what you learn and grasp faster, you concentrate, come up with newer ideas, you are more creative, attentive and your problems are just words because you tend to overthrow all of it with a fresh mind.

All said and done, you now know what we mean when we say sleeping conditions and a 'good' one. House of Bed is an initiative to unmake the whole process of slumbering and simplifying the whole complexity of it one step at a time so you do not ignore something as vital as a good dozing off.  There has never been a better time to make informed decisions around your sleep like choosing the right mattress, tracking your REM sleep, consuming the right food before you sleep. For your enlightenment, the internet is overflowing with all such necessary information. So go ahead, take your first step towards placing your health above all.


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