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Sleeping Positions 101 - Try Orthopedic Mattress

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Sleeping wrongly on a good mattress is going to do you no good since a good mattress doesn't guarantee you a good health if there's a distortion on your part. Yea, we are talking about dancing hip-hop in a saree. So while we've learned all the essentials and pre-requisites of a good slumbering, we are now on the top scores which ironically is the fundamental of sleeping as an activity.

Sleeping Positions, You've guessed it right.

It is something that varies from human to human; a determinant of a healthy sleep, if only you ignore the bizarreness of the activity which is not open to anybody's judgment. Whether you sleep like a 'dead in a coffin' with fingers intertwined, resting your chest; or an athlete just about to run a marathon, it is but your uniqueness and comfort that come together to depict a simple act of sleeping.

Sleeping positions; on the other hand, can be something that is responsible for your insomnia. Which is exactly why we are considering it as a responsibility to discuss upon what shape you've been taking every night.

We will talk all about good and bad ones. Suit yourselves, buddy! This is where your mattress turns out to be an orthopedic mattress!

The one like you were born

Position: Fetus-like, cuddled up

The first shape you take when you come to this world, curled in your mother's womb. This leaves not much to marvel why 41% of us find this sleep position comfortable. This kind of sleeper is considered sensitive but tough on the outside. Sounds like a woman?! You've guessed it right because of women are twice as likely to rest in this manner.

The one where you yearn

Position: Arms out in front of you

It is said these include people who, no matter how cynical or suspicious, yet are open to things. Quite obvious that take well-thought decisions, properly assessing the profit or loss, good and bad.

Adamant people?! Yes, we're talking about them.

However, these can result in sleep apnea or cause problems related to acid reflux. In which case, you gotta see a doc.

The one where you sleep like a boss

Position: Lying on your back with both arms at your sides.

If your partner complains insomnia, chances are your unpleasant snores are keeping him or her up. What they won't explain to you is how your snores are affecting your good night's sleep too.

Try flipping over and you will experience a world of difference.

The one where you fall flat

Position: Starfish

These make great friends, they are open as their sleep positions and are therefore great friends who are happy to help (much more effective on a latex, lol).

These sleepers, much like bossy ones, experience breathing issues which may result in an unhealthy, unrefreshing sleep for you as well as your partner.

The one where you sleep right

Position: back sleeping

This is the kind that allows the mattress to work its wonders most accurately. The mattress supports your spines just right. For those look, conscious people, back sleeping can help you pause aging as these are considered to reduce facial wrinkles. However, it is advised one sleeps without a pillow to make the most out of this sleep position as too much pillow can make breathing a lot difficult and well, uncomfortable! This is what that makes it the mattress for back pain.

The one where you face your partner, left or right

Position: Side sleeping

While sleeping on your left can strain your stomach and lungs, it can lead to numbness of arm. Resting head on a single arm is even worse an idea since it restricts blood flow and press on the nerves real bad. So unless you do not want a 'rubber arm', watch out the next time you face your partner's pleasant face. Every good comes with a price, LOL!

The one where you hug your bed (literally)

Position: sleeping on your tummy

If there is one worst sleeping position we can warn you about, this is it. Where do you think your spine is? The ceiling is too far to take care of it.

To add, of course, you won't sleep with your nose dunked in bed. Your head turning on either side can challenge your spine, even more; hurting your neck, resulting in lower back pain as well, but a memory foam is always there to help.

If you can't do without taking this shape, consider shoving a pillow under you lower abdomen to keep your curves a little less curvy, sleeping is no flaunting curves, remember?!

The final Takeaway

Regardless of what we warn you against, we all know you just can't stop taking your shape. However, trying does no harm. Although we know that we will end up snoozing in and wake up to the position we love; however, trying out all these positions for a few nights will enable you to assess which one works best for you. Well, in case you don't wish to take a doc's advice someday, consider ours. It actually costs nothing.


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