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Sleep Smart – Smart Mattresses for Smart Sleepers

From smartphones to smart clock to smart homes, smart technology is the buzzword today. We are living in a golden age of technology, where turning towards smart technology has made our chores simpler, quicker and more convenient. Permeation of technology and internet has left no sector untouched.  From education to beauty, to health and fitness, to now, even sleep, the rising penetration of internet and smartphones have enabled the invention of sleep apps, gadgets, and products to help you get that perfect sleep.

With many health benefits attached to having a good night’s sleep, the sleep industry is booming up with sleep technology. Yes, you heard that right, the sleep industry is waking up to sleep technology and coming up with sleep gadgets and products ranging from smart blankets, pillows, covers, to headphones, to even smart mattresses. Earlier, it was all limited to a sleeping monitoring device – usually a fitness band, which tracked your sleep. However, it wasn’t clear what was to be done with the data collected from these monitoring devices. With the smart technology sweeping its reach, the sleep devices and gadgets have gotten smarter and now they provide you with information on how to sleep better and cosy with some gadgets, even helping you to fall asleep quickly.

This rapid adoption of smartphones has enabled a booming growth for the sleep tech industry/market. In this blog, we will talk about how the startups and the biggies are revolutionizing the sleeping industry with sleep technology. These companies are coming up with what is called – the smart mattress.

What is a Smart Mattress?

It is a mattress with an in-built technology like sensors, and other such important tech stuff, that helps you quantify your sleep and offer insights and suggestions to improve your sleeping habits through its app. Initially, the sleep tracking devices used to come separate from the bed, making it difficult for the consumer to keep track of different apps and devices, now, having it all in the bed/mattress, the tracking becomes simpler. You don’t have a need to charge another device or look up to another sleeping app, a smart mattress/bed has all infused into it to help you monitor your sleeping patterns.

What are the benefits of sleeping on a Smart Bed/Mattress?

  1.    Helps you track your sleep, both in terms of quality and quantity and even furnishes you with insights and suggestions to improve your sleep;

  1.    Adjustable beds/mattresses, as per the sleeper likes through a remote control or smartphone.

  1.    Ability to give you a massage

  2.    In-built sensors have the ability to collect information about your bedroom’s air conditions and that is integrated with your smartphone or smartwatch so that you can sleep in a temperature best suited to you;

  1.    Tracks actions throughout the day to see how those affect your sleep and gives valuable insights about how each of this activity influences your sleeping pattern;

  1.    You can adjust the firmness, temperatures and even pressure as per your need through a tablet, smartphone or a wearable smartwatch;

  1.    It has the ability to connect with other smart home devices like thermostats, lights, coffee machine;

  1.    Helps track toss and turn – movement on the mattress;

  1.    Helps track breathing rate;

  1.    It has the ability to share all this valuable data to health tracking apps on your phone too.

As it stands true that a restful and restorative sleep is crucial to our health, investing in a smart mattress might be an expansive affair, but a help too. It is hard to find a mattress that helps you improve your overall sleep with just a tap on your phone or an integrated/embedded technology. Give yourself a better and the most comfortable sleep that you deserve with the exclusive features of a smart mattress, make a smart choice and switch to a smart mattress TODAY!


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