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Royalty – A Choice; Not A Privilege

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Often, we wonder if we create our own fate or it finds us in our journey of life. We think if there’s a reason for the choice we make or if it’s the choices that guide us to the next chapter. Now, many of us dream about reveling in regal pleasures of life – a stunning place for residence, cars that are showstoppers at crossroads, dining at fancy restaurants where mere mortals need to wait months to book a table; but, barring a few exceptions, these remain the kind of thoughts that either fade away or get covered under a pile of monotony and chaos.

When you think about it, royalty is not some notion that’s only bestowed upon those with the silver spoon. Yes, monarchs and millionaires do have the pleasure of indulgence, but so does everyone! Royalty doesn’t just encompass hoarding commodities pertaining to big brands, possessing properties over the globe or whisking off to extravagant five star hotels at an exotic location; it’s a way of life. Don’t get us wrong; splurging money isn’t wrong, if you have it flaunt it, but it’s not the only way to feel royal and enjoy life.

Royalty is a choice, and you can choose to be regal every single day. It involves embracing small changes, augmenting your standard of life, and doing or achieving the best for yourself. Simply put, you have to be the king or the queen in your life. You can fabricate choices that raise the quality of living – eat better, be better, invest in goods that satisfy your need, and not vanity; be emotionally sane, and physically healthy. All it needs is the respect for one’s self and a bit of active involvement. Too often, people mistake royalty for vanity. These two ideas are poles apart – vanity, is merely the lust for goods; the attraction for brands, the need to “get” pieces. Meanwhile, royalty is an idea, a way of life, a desire to take life to a better stage, in all possible aspects. It’s about putting good food on the table, having well-tailored clothes, looking forward to sleeping on a comfortable bed, so much so that it becomes the best part of the day, and excelling at work and ventures.

At HOB, we believe that we are all royals. Our mattresses serve a sole aim: to provide the kind of comfort and delight that those behind tall golden doors enjoy. We put in thought, consideration, and recognize the efforts that each of you puts into being a royal. Our products are calibrated with superior quality for the best sleeping experience possible. We want you to know what goes into the product you choose, hence, we never shy away from a curious, questioning mind. Moreover, we intend to provide you maximum benefits at an affordable cost; because we know that our creation is perfectly apt for a princely choice.

In true philosophy that HOB abides by, we accurately resonate with these gems of words by Gianni Versace,

“In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do; and the choices you make.”


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