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A Right Mattress Makes You Efficient by 60% at Your Work

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Your Snooze is your Opportunity

Even science has it in its pages, that if we spend one-third of our lives sleeping, then there is nothing more close to you than your mattress. A comfortable sleep can positively affect our health while an uncomfortable one can cause otherwise. To live an optimal life and get successful, you must first ensure your sleep is attended to as much as your work. Some people are seen working with enthusiasm while the others only marvel how. There is no guessing in it that sleep shapes our temperament.

We Millennials today are busy people, we tend to forget that being busy and being productive is far from similar things. The desire to climb up the professional ladder is so motivating that sleep looks like a petty price to pay. Over commitment seems like the answer to everything in a corporate environment but what nobody is going to tell you is that your work, relationship, and health are going to be suffering; if you do not set healthy boundaries for yourself. We are humans and not a gadget, that’s why we need to unplug from our schedule for the little recovery our body does every day, through sleep…

Sleep determines our social interactions on a daily basis whether it be client dealing or retaining what we study. Discussed previously on this blog is the goodness a decent sleep brings to us and the implications of a bad sleep. A lot has been talked about the consequences of sleep on our physical health; however, our mental agency is just as much affected by it, and we are here to tell you how.

Occupational stress and work pressure in a highly globalized world dominated by the corporate perpetuates from a competitive environment. It takes its toll on our sleep routine. Detachment from daily checklist is really important to work on our recovery schedule out of our non-work hours which must surely comprise of 6-8 hours of sleep for an adult.

Concentrating too much on your work schedule only fragments it. How? The more you are focussed on work, letting other important things suffer, like sleep; you will not be able to heal mentally. There’s only so much a stressed, worked up brain can handle. As you sleep, you are letting the thoughts in your head to settle and empowering your mind to discover effective solutions. As a result, your decisions are well-thought, your work list is sorted, figured out, and your mind strong and patient to work more effectively, without having to push too hard. It also helps enhance retention and allows inflow of newer ideas.

A good mattress then becomes a necessity. It is conducive to a good sleep. For that purpose, at House of Bed, we produce three variants of mattresses, namely,

  • Cuddly Mattress: Made out of memory foam to make cuddling happen, releasing and relaxing your stressed body parts (including your mind, thanks to the foam that pacifies you with a hug each night).
  • Bouncy Mattress: Made with latex, imparting elasticity, flexibility, and coolness to soothe you from within.
  • Royal Mattress: A unique composition of the two, blending the goodness into one for aligning your spine and relieving your joints.

Sleep defines your cognitive decisions at work and a good sleep enables good decision and prolonged vigor without sounding cranky and worked up like Rihanna (Sing along: Work, work, work, work, work, Better Not). Your sleep quality determines psychological and emotional well-being and eliminates depression, anxiety, helps you achieve a sustainable lifestyle and well, makes you a professional in every sense of the term.


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