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Passionate Sex: Is your Mattress Comfortable for it?

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While talking about sex, we envisage intimate moments of pleasure shared between partners isolated from the outer world. It is that moment when you are seeking a little privacy, comfort, and some passionate time. In the meantime, when you are all set for action, what if your bed starts making creepy sounds? What if it starts giving you a sense of embarrassment that the outsiders are getting ideas about what is going on inside your bedroom? These things get into your nerves and gradually it starts affecting your sex life.

It’s often noticed that while shopping for a mattress, we opt for the one that makes a comfortable sleep mattress. But the fact is that there are several other activities carried out on the bed. And you need a mattress for that as well. Else, it would not be fair to shop for a sleeping mattress and expect it to be suitable for sex as well. For a mattress that gives you a good sleep along with a great sex experience, you need to choose wisely. And for that, you need to know the different kinds of foams used to manufacture a mattress and what good they are for.

Generally, the foams used in manufacturing mattresses from the House of Bed, are Memory Foam, Latex foam, PU foam and Super-soft foam. Thereafter, House of Bed came up with three exquisite range of mattresses: Bouncy mattress, Cuddly mattress, and the Royal mattress.

Bouncy Mattress:

Life has its ups and downs! And it’s hard! But pushing hard through these ups and downs while on the mattress is what really matters!

A good bouncier mattress can help you deal with these ups and downs better! ;)

Prepared from Latex, our Bouncy latex mattress provides the right bounce that will get you into the right rhythm. Right rhythm is all we need! Isn’t it?

Cuddly Mattress:

Prepared from Memory foam that does not ‘push back’. It may not be that bouncy but it is so comfortable and soft that your body will sink into it with your partner. This type of orthopedic mattress supports each part of the body evenly and individually by spreading your weight across the bed’s surface.

Don’t worry if you go ‘Missionary’; it provides amazing support to your back! ;)


Royal Mattress:

A royal mattress consists of a combined goodness of Memory, Latex, and Super-Soft Foams. Its responsive and highly durable nature makes it easier to withstand your bodies rolling around on it without falling apart.

It’s soft and comfortable surface will help you make love with minimal effort!

So now that you have grasped the wisdom about different kind of foams and mattresses, choose wisely the next time you shop for your new mattress!

Good Luck between the sheets!


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