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House of Bed: Colloquially Yours…

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People often commit the blunder of assuming to know a language merely because they can understand it. Imagine you learned a language back in high school, you feel you understand every word of it, but when you begin to attempt talking, you might have understood but can you swear by the speech? NO! An honest self-reflection will determine if you have done any close to justice to the language you really meant or simply got by with it for the sake of attention. Similarly, the BIG mattress companies often end up talking gibberish and producing endless gibberish products that are so incomprehensible that one would think twice before even resting an arm over it. They play “Mr. know-it-all” about our preferences but when looked into carefully, all their products charge exorbitantly for even a slight difference and to top it off, it isn’t even understood by most of us.

Looks like the worth of their product is mindlessly determined and in fact tactfully marketed because let’s be honest, you definitely won’t tear open your mattress you have to spend a fortune to look if the foams are gel infused or juice infused or whatever. Food for thought?

They sound like a melodious tune when you enter the store, only the language is Dutch. WELL!

We on the other side of your screen have done our homework when we say we’ve researched the demands of the Indian consumer for good three years and have internalized your language of a good mattress. Without wasting much time on unique, confusing, alien and conceptually distorted terms, we have restricted the type of products to three because talking linguistically; we understand that with the regional diversity in India, how mastering three languages is a bare minimum that we Indians totally handle like a pro. The good news is we do not produce jargons you won’t understand, so even if you are weak in comprehending any ONE language (here mattress type), we got you. Our products are made simply but with sophistication with no fancies like water or mercury fillings, and this way we *differ from the sameness* of other brands. We realize the importance of why humans began as simple sleepers and therefore believe that air beds or waterbeds are but exotic terms in the sea of beds. We produce what is good for you by arranging a comfortable nap time for days ahead of the day you bought it because like it or not, our mattresses promise you anything but a ‘one night stand’.

It is funny being self-confident about a language and then trying to produce it and fail, so without faking any fluency, we have memory foam mattresses to cuddle you, bouncy latex mattresses that allow you a bouncy sleep with just the right amount of firmness, and you get the best of both worlds when both kinds of foams combine to knit a rejuvenating sleep for you. Very simply put, without stuttering and torturing you with German words while sounding Persian, we are all set to mean this for a lifetime when we say, we are Colloquially Yours!!


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