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Buying Mattress Online - Guide For Senior Citizens

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With time and age, our bodies change and so does our parents’. Our grandparents may not be comfortable in doing the tasks which we or our parents could do easily. Likewise, they may not find ease in using the same mattress that they had been using since ages. Remember, the mattress that was once cuddly, cozy and ‘oh so relaxing’, may not suffice the changing requirements of the aging body.

With age, our sleep patterns change and health issues soar. If we observe, sleep deprivation is a common problem amongst the elderly. They hardly take a good night sleep. Senior citizens generally sleep for 5 to 6 hours. The reason being, change in their sleeping positions and decline in health.

Regardless, people try to ignore these signs and continue using the same mattress but that makes their problems worse. A poor mattress that is age old, not fit for the growing age must be changed immediately before these issues elevate.

Choosing the right mattress either for yourself, if you are above 60 or buying them for your grandparents, the task may seem tedious. To ease out your dilemma, we have a perfect guide to help you have a quality sleep.

Perfect choice for the Elderly

Mattress with Memory Foam: Memory foam mattress can be the best choice for people aged above 60 because of its ability to mold according to the body shape. It is like a best friend to those aching joints and pressure points dividing the body weight evenly.

Our grandparents generally complain feeling stiff and sore in the mornings. Memory foam can give them a quality night sleep as it eliminates the pressure points.

Senior citizens can buy Cuddly Mattress that come with high-quality foam that allows the body to easily sink in and also eases out blood circulation to areas under pressure while sleeping. Older people suffering from severe pain related to fibromyalgia can also benefit from our cuddly mattress. The comfort layers made of Polyurethane adds durability and thus are quite long lasting.  

If your grandpa tosses or turns a lot on the bed and is not able to take a quality slumber, it’s an indication that he needs a new cuddly mattress with memory foam that is specially designed for this purpose.

Mattress with Latex: Mattress made of Latex is generally firmer and denser than memory foam. They are recommended for older people who suffer from back pain. Bouncy mattress from House of Beds serves an amazing purpose if a person has spinal problems. With excellent air circulation properties, this latex mattress is an ideal choice for old people if they feel really sweaty at night.

Mattress with Memory Foam and Latex: This kind of luxury mattresses are supposedly the best available options that give the benefits of both the worlds. It provides pressure relieving properties of memory foam, giving the apt firmness that is required to support the older body. It ensures excellent air circulation, support, and durability with the super soft foam making the mattress remarkably comfortable.

Royal mattress available at House of Beds is a perfect example of memory foam and latex embedded mattress.

To all those senior citizens who are looking for a perfect sleep and the youngsters who want to give the best comfort to their aged parents who once gave them all the amenities of this world...

Now that you know everything about the mattress… Just spend some bucks and buy health from the House of Beds!


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