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Best Mattresses to Relieve your Back Pain Woes

We spend a third of our lives sleeping and it is important that we get a good, peaceful, restful and restorative sleep. Our quality of sleep is largely dependent on the mattress we sleep, for a saggy or an old mattress can make our sleep painful. The night is the time when you get a proper time to relax and unwind, it is the time for your back to heal. For most of them, who face chronic back aches, it is very much essential to find a right mattress that supports your body and spine and alleviates back pain.
The market is flooded with a variety of mattresses, however, it is crucial for the consumer to find the right one, the best one, for curing the back pain, and, choosing that best one can truly be overwhelming and confusing.
So, here are the tips for buying that perfect/right mattress to fix your back pain woes:
Look for a firm and comfortable mattress: Firm mattresses are best for back pain, and, they certainly support the spine, however, not all firm mattresses are comfortable too. Hence, a firm mattress that naturally aligns with your spine’s curve is the one to go for.
Price is never true quality measure: Don’t get swayed away by the idea that quality       back pain relieving mattresses are expensive. Don’t go for expensive spring mattresses, instead, buy a natural latex or memory foam mattress.

Choose a mattress based on your type of the back pain: For those diagnosed with a stiff lower back, it is usually advisable to buy a mattress that is supportive and not too hard. For those, having a flexed posture or flat back, it is advisable to buy a firm mattress. Therefore, it is crucial to know your back posture and the cause of your back pain. It is also advisable to consult your doctor or a Physiotherapist to help you know the cause of a backache and the type of back posture for you to buy the perfect mattress. If you haven’t researched properly from different sources, you’re only bound to make a fruitless investment.
Opt for mattresses with Free Trial and Return back policy: There are mattress companies which follow the Free Trial and Return Back policy and you would want to consider buying a mattress from such a company. You would want to try the mattress you heavily invested in for a month or two to see if it has really decreased your back pain. If not, you can choose to return the mattress and get a full refund.

Besides these tips to help you guide on buying a right mattress for lowering your back pain, also, follow on these tips  whilst sleeping for putting an end to that severe neck and back pain:
Sleep placing a pillow under your knee, if you sleep on your back, place it between your knees, if you are a side sleeper.
Sleep with a soft pillow under your head. Consider buying cervical pillows.
Follow these tips and invest today in a mattress for your healthy tomorrow and bring a permanent end to your back pain woes.


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